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Tuesday, 21 May 2024
Taliban fire shots to disperse an anti-Pakistan protest in Kabul

The TASS reported according to the France Press news agency report on Tuesday that The Taliban opened fire to disperse an anti-Pakistan protest in Afghanistan’s capital of Kabul, .

The Russian news website TASS said, Taliban fighters are reported to have "fired in the air several times in order to disperse dozens of Afghans protesting against Pakistan’s interference in Afghanistan’s affairs."

The TASS said according to the France Press, about 70 people gathered in front of the Pakistani embassy in the Afghan capital, "waving posters and chanting anti-Pakistan slogans."

According to the BBC, hundreds of protesters took to the streets on Tuesday to demand women's rights and denounce Taliban rule.

Pakistan-Flag of Pakistan-

The BBC added, protesters also chanted anti-Pakistan slogans, as many believe neighbouring Pakistan supports the Taliban, which the country denies.

The TOLOnews TV channel, in turn, said that the protesters were carrying slogans that read "'Pakistan, Pakistan, leave Afghanistan."

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The BBC also mentioned, women have been protesting for the past week, but on Tuesday men also joined their calls for equality and safety. Many observers had commented that there were few men at the previous women-led rallies.

It noted, the demonstrations come one day after the leader of the anti-Taliban fighters, Ahmad Massoud, called for a "national uprising" by civilians against the militants.

Source: news agencies