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Wednesday, 06 December 2023
Sugar bomb's invention to deceive cancer cells is Syrian, not British
Ibrahim alshaar certificate

The Syrian researcher, Ibrahim al-Shaar, was the first to invent "sugar bomb" to deceive cancer cells, an invention of anti-cancer kefiran alkali, and is registered in Syria four years ago, The Syrian news agency, SANA, reported. Sugar bomb's invention

On the other hand, British press sites reported a few days ago that a team of British scientists invented  new "sugar bomb" to destroy cancer cells, and it has been tested successfully on brain cancer, and it could also be used to treat breast, prostate and lung cancer.

The researcher, Dr. Al-Shaar, got rewarded a patent registered in Syria in 2017, and the World Organization for the Protection of Intellectual Property “WIPO” and the approval of the Syrian Ministry of Health in 2016 for his invention of a medicinal substance from the anti-cancer kefiran alkali.

The researcher told SANA, that a cancer cell consumes twenty times more sugar than a healthy one. This leads to an increase in sialic acids that cover the surface of the tumor and suppress the immune cell, meaning the acidity rises and the oxygen decreases, thus forming barriers that disrupt the activity of the immune system, and the tumor grows and invades the body.

al-Shaar explained his invention is based on injecting kefiran, which is a polysaccharide exogenously, with sodium bicarbonate under the skin to deceive the malignant cell, and by depending on the cancer cell high ability to absorb sugar - kefiran containing an alkaline substance - cell activity stops and is destroyed. Sugar bomb's invention


Source: SANA

Image Source: SANA