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Sunday, 03 July 2022
South Africa’s Frederik Willem de Klerk to be cremated on Nov. 21 in private ceremony
FW de Klerk and Nelson Mandela/Facebook page

The Arab News reported according to Reuters, the foundation of President Frederik Willem de Klerk said in a statement on Sunday that funeral of South Africa’s last white president, Frederik Willem (FW) de Klerk, who died on Thursday aged 85, will take place on Nov. 21 in a private ceremony.

De Klerk, who won praise worldwide for his role in scrapping apartheid and shared the Nobel Peace Prize with Nelson Mandela in 1993, has a complex legacy that left many grappling with conflicting emotions following his death.

South Africa-Cape Town/Pixabay

The country’s Black population remains angered by his actions during apartheid and for his failure to curb political violence in the run up to South Africa’s first democratic elections in 1994. Many argued against him being granted a state funeral — a privilege his foundation’s statement confirmed he is not set to enjoy.

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It said in a statement: “The FW de Klerk Foundation wishes to announce that FW de Klerk’s cremation and funeral will take place on Sunday, 21 November.”

It said providing further detail: “It will be a private ceremony for family members and will not be open to media.”

Source: arabnews