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Sunday, 21 July 2024
Rouhani urges Iranians to ‘stay home’ amid coronavirus outbreak
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani speaks during the cabinet meeting in Tehran. (Reuters)

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani urged Iranians to “stay at home” on Monday, adding that the Islamic Republic is past the peak of the coronavirus outbreak, the official IRNA news agency reported.

“We advise all people to avoid leaving their homes and traveling as much as possible,” Rouhani said on Monday.

Rouhani had said on February 25 that “everything will go back to normal as of February 29.” He had also been firmly against implementing a lockdown on Iranian cities amid the coronavirus outbreak.

“We are past the peak of the disease,” IRNA quoted the Iranian president as saying.

As of Monday, 853 in Iran have died from coronavirus and there are 14,991 confirmed cases. LEVANT

source: Yaghoub Fazeli LEVANT