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Wednesday, 04 October 2023
Jordanian Intelligence thwarts ISIS plot to kill Israeli soldiers patrolling border
The Wadi Araba Border Crossing

According to the Media Line, Jordanian Intelligence has thwarted an ISIS terrorist plot aimed at killing Israeli soldiers on the border.

The attack, according to a report in the Jordanian newspaper Al-Rai, involved four ISIS terrorists who were arrested in February and who were supposed to operate in the Jordan Valley in the Ghor es-Safi area near the southern Dead Sea.

The Media Line added, they were set to first attack Jordanian soldiers guarding the border before reaching the Israeli soldiers, who they were prepared to kill.

The suspects have been charged by Jordanian prosecutors with conspiring to carry out terrorist attacks and promoting the ideology of a terrorist group under the country’s Terrorism Prevention Law.

They will be tried in the country’s State Security Court.

Source: themedialine
Image source: Chris Yunker via Wikimedia Commons-themedialine