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Saturday, 01 October 2022
How the Muslim Brotherhood threatens Europe's security
شعار الاخوان

A new German intelligence document, which was addressed by the German Bundestag website on its website, issued on July 19, 2022, Link of original document 

pdf revealed the dangers of the Brotherhood inside Germany and the expansion of the Brotherhood organization across the border, specifically between Germany and Austria, and this raised the fears of German intelligence.

This time, members of the Left Party in the German parliament, MPs Martina Rayner and Nicole Gülke, of the parliamentary group Die Link presented the Left Party on the current links of German and Austrian Islamists.

Linking mosques by “MB”

The mosque Commission developed into a coordinating node for the Brotherhood presence in Germany, linking mosques, Islamic centres, and various front groups and associations across all major German cities. In the mid-1980s, this structure became the main representative of the Brotherhood in Germany. The Muslim Brotherhood is becoming more influential in Europe, and is a particular concern in Germany.

The German security service, the BfV, suspects that there are more than a thousand supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood in Germany alone. The Baden-Württemberg office of the BfV has reported that the Muslim Brotherhood is concentrating on infiltrating institutions such as universities with the support from outside countries.

German intelligence confirmed the existence of organizational links to the Brotherhood between Germany and Austria, including the DMG Brotherhood organization in Germany, which was excluded months ago from the Islamic Council in Germany, as well as the Turkish Milli Gorse organization in Germany.

The Muslim Brotherhood connection with “IS”.

According to the results of the investigation on June 14, 2022, it became known that the Austrian authorities were able to identify a suspected cell of the Islamic State (IS) in Austria. This is linked to plans to launch attacks on major events in Europe.

One of the suspected “IS” supporters assumed a leadership role in “IS”, while the other members of the network are in other European countries. Investigations are also being conducted on suspicion of terrorist financing. After the Islamist attack in Vienna on November 2, 2020, after communications, the attacker was known to Germany. The Public Prosecutor has also initiated procedures in this regard.

On February 24, 2022, German intelligence observed a significant increase in the number of leading Brotherhood members in the capital, Berlin, warning against the activity of this group. There are warnings from the Authority for the Protection of the Constitution issued on January 10, 2022, of the danger of the spread of the Muslim Brotherhood in the country, as


the number of the main elements of the Brotherhood in Germany increased from (1350) in 2019 to (1450) in 2020.

It seems that the request of the Green Party members did not receive sufficient answers from the German intelligence, since the matter is related to the confidentiality of information and the confidentiality of dealing with the intelligence of a third country, which the Germans do not have the right to disclose, but the intelligence did answer some questions.

The most important issue is that European intelligence was able to “diagnose” the work and activities of the “Muslim Brotherhood” in Europe, by strengthening security cooperation between the intelligence of European countries as well as cooperation with the intelligence of Middle Eastern countries.

The Brotherhood in Europe is expanding across borders and has organized work networks and is active under “legitimate” organizations and centers, and this is considered a threat to European societies because of the spread of extremism by these organizations.

By: Jassim Mohamad - Bonn