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Tuesday, 05 December 2023
Germany will stop aid to Afghanistan if Taliban takes power
Women in Afghanistan-

According to the Xinhua, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said Thursday that Germany would stop providing aid to Afghanistan if Taliban took over power in the country and applied Sharia law.

"We will not give a penny more to Afghanistan when the Taliban have completely taken over, introduced Sharia law and turned this country into a caliphate," the minister said in a morning show broadcasted by German public networks ARD and ZDF.

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He said Afghanistan cannot survive without international aid.

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Germany has provided Afghanistan 430 million euros (around 505 million U.S. dollars) in aid this year, an amount that it promised to give annually until 2024, Maas said.

German troops were deployed as part of a NATO force in Afghanistan for nearly 20 years until June.

Source: xinhua