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Tuesday, 21 May 2024
Geagea: Protests against Nasrallah prove he ‘is misreading the street’
Samir Geagea calls for the resignation of Hariri's government and the creation of a new “shock government.” (File photo Reuters)

Demonstrations in key strongholds of Hezbollah in Lebanon prove that Hassan Nasrallah is "misreading the street," Samir Geagea, the head of the Lebanese Forces Party, said in an interview with the NNA news agency on Monday.

Geagea also called for the resignation of Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri's government and the creation of a new “shock government,” adding that “an independent government seems to be the only solution to the current crisis.”

He stated that an independent government is key, “even if it is headed by Hariri.” Geagea also added that Hariri needs to revise his relationship with Gebran Bassil.

Hariri, who is leading a coalition government mired by sectarian and political rivalries, gave his feuding government partners a 72-hour deadline on Friday to agree reforms that could ward off crisis, hinting he may otherwise resign amid nationwide protests.

Hariri accused his rivals of obstructing his reform measures that could unlock $11 billion in Western donor pledges and help avert economic collapse.

Geagea had said in a televised speech late on Saturday that the challenges facing the country are unprecedented.

“We have not seen any serious intention by the Lebanese officials to address the crises,” Geagea said.

Geagea announced the resignation of the Lebanese Forces Party’s four ministers from Saad Hariri’s government.

The announcement came in a televised speech from the LF party’s headquarters in Maarab following a bloc meeting.