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Thursday, 25 July 2024
  • GCC Commercial Arbitration Centre Calls for Participation in the “Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution Conference”

GCC Commercial Arbitration Centre Calls for Participation in the “Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution Conference”
مركز التحكيم التجاري الخليجي يدعو للمشاركة بـ "مؤتمر التحكيم والوسائل البديلة لفض النزاعات"

November 21, 2023:  The GCC Commercial Arbitration Centre has extended an invitation to participate in the "Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution Conference” scheduled to take place from December 11 to 13 in Doha, the capital of Qatar.

 The conference, organized by the Qatar Society of Engineers and Conceliare a leading innovative provider of Dispute management solutions, carries the theme "The Impact of Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms on the Success and Acceleration of Development Projects in the Arab World."

Dr. Kamal Abdullah Al-Hamad, the Secretary General of the Centre, has highlighted that this conference will attract the participation of ministries and governmental bodies engaged in construction contracts, high-ranking executives from development and investment firms, financing institutions, project and contract managers, legal professionals, arbitrators, experts specializing in alternative dispute resolution, engineers from various disciplines, and all individuals involved in contracting. The anticipated audience comprises business owners, developers, consultants, and financiers in the public sector.

Dr. Al-Hamad emphasized that the conference aims to illuminate the best practices for resolving disputes in engineering projects and the challenges hindering the application of alternative dispute resolution methods in engineering cases. Furthermore, to address ways to facilitate efficient dispute resolution, boost confidence among employers in alternative dispute resolution to minimize project delays, promote private sector involvement, strengthen the rule of law, and enhance capabilities and skills through comprehensive lectures on arbitration practice and alternative means.

This conference holds significant importance in raising awareness regarding Arab arbitration laws and their suitability for expediting dispute resolution in engineering contracts. It focuses on the mechanisms and challenges associated with implementing arbitration awards in Arab countries. The emphasis is on highlighting arbitration and alternative dispute resolution as potent tools for swiftly and effectively resolving disputes, thereby contributing to the improvement of the investment climate. This, in turn, encourages investors, developers, entrepreneurs, and development institutions to actively participate in and undertake strategic projects that will positively impact the national economy.

Moreover, Dr. Al-Hamad  asserted that the conference provides an ideal platform for the exchange of experiences and knowledge related to recent international developments in arbitration laws and regulations. It addresses various methods of settling disputes in engineering projects and explores modern approaches to preventing and resolving conflicts in the construction sector, and workshops and training courses conducted on the sidelines of the conference offer valuable opportunities for such exchanges. In this context, he underscored that the development of regulatory and commercial environments in the engineering and construction sectors is crucial for supporting the creation of an attractive investment climate for investors in the Gulf region.