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Saturday, 24 February 2024
French minister: Sanctions on Turkey are ‘on the table,’ no-deal Brexit likely
Sanctions on Turkey will be debated at the EU and are “on the table.” (File photo AFP)

Next week’s EU summit will discuss sanctions on Turkey over its action in Syria, French State Secretary for European Affairs Amelie de Montchalin said on Friday.

“It will be debated next week at the European council,” de Montchalin said on France Inter radio. “Obviously, it’s on the table.”

“We will not remain powerless when faced with a situation that is shocking for civilians, the free Syrian forces and the stability of the region,” she said.

Turkey launched a military offensive into northeastern Syria on Wednesday. Turkish forces are attacking positions controlled by the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

The incursion into Syrian territory has been widely condemned internationally. Republicans in the US House of Representatives are also seeking sanctions on Turkey in response to the offensive.

On Friday, NATO chief warned that NATO allies must stay united in the fight against ISIS. The SDF was a key US ally in the fight against ISIS, and currently controls prisons containing thousands of ISIS foreign fighters.

The SDF has warned of ISIS jailbreak attempts as it concentrates its forces to combat the Turkish forces.


De Montachalin also discussed Brexit on Friday, saying that a no-deal Brexit is likely if Britain does not seek compromise.

Asked whether it was increasingly likely that Britain was heading for a no-deal Brexit, de Montchalin said on France Inter

radio: “It is likely.”

“At this point, if talks do not proceed the way we hope they will, if there is no desire, particularly from the British side, for compromise, then a no-deal is possible,” she added.

(With Agencies)