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Sunday, 19 May 2024
Egypt and France collaborate on environmental developments and discuss COP27

The Asharq Al-Awsat reported that Egyptian Minister of Environment Yasmin Fouad stressed the deeply-rooted ties between Egypt and France and reviewed with the French ambassador the latest environmental developments, climate change, and biological diversity.

It said that the head of the French chamber of commerce and representatives of several French companies in Egypt also attended the meeting between Fouad and French Ambassador to Cairo Marc Barety.

In press statements, the ambassador noted that climate change has become a challenge facing the whole world.

Barety commended the efforts exerted by Egypt to support climate change and said he was looking forward to the upcoming climate summit (COP27).

Environmental protection-Climate change/Pixabay
Environmental protection-Climate change/Pixabay

The Egyptian Minister noted that Egypt’s hosting of the summit next year will provide a chance for further negotiations on the responsibilities of developed countries.

She said a higher committee concerned with the climate summit will include a workgroup to facilitate the participation of the private sector and civil society organizations in preparations for the event.

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The minister added, the summit will give all business sector companies the opportunity to be involved in climate-related work and contribute to Egypt’s change to a friendlier environment in the development and business processes

Fouad also said the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Tourism are working hand in hand to support environmental tourism in Egypt.

Source: aawsat