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Wednesday, 22 May 2024
Dozens of Syrian families in Lebanon are threatened
Dozens of Syrian families in Lebanon are threatened

Dozens of Syrian families in Lebanon are threatened

The Lebanese army Supreme Defense Council recently decided to demolish rooms and tents which contain cement, and belong to Syrian refugees.

Last month a meeting was held in the town of Arsal between representatives of the Supreme Council of Defense and the leaders of the camps, as well as representatives of the UNHCR, but ended with undesirable results following the insistence of representatives of the Supreme Council on the need to demolish the rooms and tents that are built by cement and its heights are more than a meter. The Supreme Council Defense depends on two excuses, the first one is that these tents threat the security of the Lebanese army, the tents might be a shelter for terrorists, according to agents. The other is that the pretext is the fear of "settlement and occupation.

Organizing or Restriction?

Future Movement MP Walid al-Baraini, stated to the Levant News that the situation of the refugees is exceptional in the country and the organizing is completely absent in Lebanon. But we have to endure. He added, "The refugee isn't targeted, but the aim of these procedures is organizing because the chaos is everywhere

Pressure on refugees and gains

In the same context, a security source, who preferred not to be named, confirmed to our news agency that these procedures build more pressure on the refugees for racist and material causes. Some politicians exploit them to get more popularity. The Lebanese authorities choose to restrict them to apply pressure on the international community, and to receive additional financial aids under the pretext of hosting those refugees. March 8 Alliance tries to restore the relations between Lebanon and Syria through refugee cases, which cannot be possible due to the division between the Syrian revolution supporters and Assad regime allies.

The source added: everyone knows that Assad refuses refugees returning after they seized their lands and gave it to the Shia militias.

The fate of 1400 families is in the air

Most of those who used the cement to construct the rooms and tents had already taken permission from the army intelligence, which now claims that the construction is illegal, the refugees in Arsal confirmed to the Levant News.

More than 1,400 Syrian families are facing an unknown fate due to the final removal of the camps, and after the possibility of demolishing or removing more than 14 camps in the town of Arsal, the biggest are Al-Hayat village, Al-Abrar, and Al-Salam.

Dozens of Syrian families in Lebanon are threatened