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Monday, 22 July 2024
City of Merritt in Canada forced to evacuate due to flooding

The Xinhua reported, the entire City of Merritt in the British Columbia province in Canada was forced to evacuate Monday as continued rainfall caused flooding.

The municipal wastewater treatment plant in the community had failed, said the city in a statement, urging residents not to use water in their homes, including flushing toilets and running taps.

Canada-Niagara waterfall/Pixabay Canada-Niagara waterfall/Pixabay

It said: "High floodwaters have rendered the city's wastewater treatment plant inoperable for an indefinite period. Continued habitation of the community without sanitary services presents a risk of mass sewage back-up and personal health risk."

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The rainfall has also caused mudslides, rockslides and widespread highway closures between the Lower Mainland and Southern Interior in the province.

Several other areas have been placed under evacuation orders and alerts due to the storm, which Environment Canada forecasted would continue through much of Monday.

Source: xinhua