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Saturday, 22 June 2024
Britain says Daniel Ortega dragging Nicaragua down the path of authoritarianism
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Britain on Monday said President Daniel Ortega was dragging Nicaragua further down the “tragic path of authoritarianism” with an election which was neither free nor fair because all credible opposition candidates had been jailed or disqualified.

Britain’s foreign ministry said: “The presidential election that took place in Nicaragua on 7 November was an election in name only. It was neither free, nor fair."

Nicaragua-Central America/Pixabay

With these maneuverings the Ortegas are taking Nicaragua further down the tragic path of authoritarianism.”

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Daniel Ortega easily secured a fourth consecutive term as Nicaragua’s president, early results showed on Monday, after the former guerrilla fighter suppressed political rivals in a vote critics said was rigged but which won Russian recognition.

Source: nationalpost