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Thursday, 25 April 2024
Art about World Ecology and Politics
Art about World Ecology and Politics

Recently, humanity is increasingly facing global environmental disasters, which entail not only economic damage, but also force the population to change their usual way of life, migrate to more favorable regions and leaving their homes. The problem is that in the nearest future there will be no places on the planet where we can hide from ozone holes, toxic air, landfills, etc.

Exhibition "Global Vision" by artist Olga Kosheleva started in 12th of November in Kiev. She presents a series of artworks featuring her trademark oversize sunglass sculptures - as a symbol of the vision of the world. The artist, acutely sensing the problems of world society, clearly conveyed the ecological tragedy through art.

In one of her works, she depicted the theme of the harmful effects of technology on nature. The rhythm of life accelerated; the modern world has changed by humans. Using of artificial intelligence, the transition to virtual or augmented reality, divides a person from the real, natural world with which he was created and of which he is a part. This can lead to a feeling of loss and only a person’s conscious approach to life, harmony with nature can return to a sense of the real world.

Another message is about the greenhouse effect. As politicians “spin” in their political rhythm and divide the world into parts, irreversible consequences can occur. The author portrayed Trump, Putin, Zelensky - politicians who can begin to resolve this issue. As alternative, it can be other world leaders. By the way, there are people who, at the top of world fame, are already fighting for ecology and trying to change the world for the better.

The author focuses our attention that, because of toxic emissions, ecology, global warming, future generations will experience mutation. A new, modified people will appear - this will be a new reality. Today, “Human” in the usual or even natural sense “melting” because of influence of the outside modified world.

A derivative of global warming is also the thawing of glaciers. Here, humanity facing issues of increasing sea levels, preserving animal life, and the quality of water in the oceans. The artist left a rhetorical question. Are we ready to sacrifice comfort of using airplanes or cruise liners in defense of ecology? Today, such decisions will affect the international economy, as we have moved to the “boat” of technology, which drags us into the abyss.

The author expects different reactions of people to what is happening, because how the situation will unfold further, depends on our actions. Exhibition expositions not only evoke emotions, they encourage you to think and act. The author does not insist on any of the methods in the fight for environmental friendliness. She gives freedom to everyone to feel and draw a parallel between themselves and the environment. Everyone has their own view of reality. Someone just does not litter, and another can plant a tree or change the diet. The world is in our hands

The well-being of mankind depends on each of us.

Art helps to go beyond ordinary thinking, find new answers. It contributes to a new look at the planet, our life and the life of future generations.

Ukrainian International lawyer