Jordan announces declaration of intent for renewable energy project with UAE and Israel

Pinwheels Renewable wind energyPixabay
Pinwheels- Renewable wind energy/Pixabay

The Xinhua reported, Jordan’s Ministry of Water and Irrigation revealed on Tuesday a declaration of intent signed by the governments of Jordan, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Israel on Monday.

The Jordan’s ministry in a statement, the document requires negotiating the feasibility of the establishment of a renewable energy project in Jordan to be implemented by a UAE company, in addition to a water desalination project to supply Jordan with 200 million cubic meters of water from the Mediterranean.

Mediterranean sea/Pixabay
Mediterranean sea/Pixabay

The ministry highlighted that the document is merely a declaration of intent, as the signatories are not subject to any legal obligations or legal rights under international laws.

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It added, the three parties are going to consider the feasibility of the two projects by the end of the third quarter of next year.

Source: xinhua