Maria Zakharova: Taliban delegation to arrive in Moscow next week

Maria Zakharova-Official page/Facebook

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Thursday on the sidelines of the Third Eurasian Women’s Forum, the Taliban delegation will arrive in Moscow next week to participate in the Moscow format consultations on Afghanistan.

The Russian diplomat said: “Next week, we are expecting a representative delegation of the Taliban movement to visit Moscow to take part in the third Moscow format consultations on Afghanistan.”

According to the TASS, Zakharova noted that Moscow was concerned over the ongoing terrorist activity of Islamic State militants in Afghanistan.

Russia-Moscow-Kremlin-Embankment-Night lights/Pixabay

The diplomat said: “We hope that the new authorities in Kabul will deliver on their statements that they can cope with IS on their own, without any outside help.”

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She added: “We also noted the Taliban delegation’s two-day visit to Qatar, led by the Afghan Acting Foreign Minister. Negotiations took place there, in particular, with the US Department of State’s representatives.”

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The TASS mentioned, the consultations are scheduled for October 20, 2021. The Moscow format was established in 2017 on the basis of a six-party consultation mechanism of the special envoys of Russia, Afghanistan, India, Iran, China and Pakistan.

Source: tass