UAE, Russia discuss increasing direct flights between the two countries


The TASS reported, UAE Ambassador to Russia Mohammed Ahmed Al-Jaber said in an interview with the Russian news website, the issue of increasing the number of direct flights between the United Arab Emirates and Russia may be resolved shortly, adding that Moscow and Abu Dhabi are addressing the issue.

The diplomat noted, an increase in the number of direct flights with Russia is a prior task for the country.

He said: “Transport ministries of the two countries, as well as relevant departments, constantly hold talks, consultations on that issue. Of course, the number of today’s direct flights does not satisfy the existing demand, given the growing number of Russians willing to visit the UAE, as well as the citizens of the UAE who want to come to Russia as well. I think the issue will be resolved in the near future.”


The the diplomat said, the necessity to increase the number of flights shortly is also due to approaching of the date of holding the Expo 2020 that will kick off on October 1.

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He also noted an increase in the number of tourists from the UAE that visited Russia this year.

He said: “In the first quarter of this year 1,031 citizens of the UAE visited Russia,”, adding that the country’s citizens “like to visit Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi, Kazan, Grozny.”.

Source: tass