South Africa urges culture exchanges in various forms with China


The Xinhua reported, an official of a South African theater said Saturday evening, South Africa and China can have more culture exchanges in various forms, and such exchanges are important as they improve mutual understanding between different peoples.

“Because through cultural exchanges, we actually understand each other better,” Simone Heradien, communication manager of Artscape Theater Center, told Xinhua in an interview shortly before a concert that celebrated the 50th anniversary of Artscape’s opening, and the 50th anniversary of a youth classical music concert, which provides music students an opportunity to perform at a professional stage.

People from different countries often misunderstand each other with the misrepresentation of their different cultures, and through cultural exchanges they realize that they share a lot in common, said Heradien, responding to a question about arts and cultural exchanges among members of the Silk Road International League of Theaters.

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Heradien said: “It is absolutely important to have cultural exchanges between China and South Africa, as well as other countries that are part of the league.”

Artscape joined the league in 2018, which was initiated and formed by China Arts and Entertainment Group (CAEG) in 2016.

The official envisaged future collaboration between Artscape and other league members.

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Minister of Cultural Affairs and Sport of Western Cape Province Anroux Marais told Xinhua, cultural exchanges with China and other countries are necessary as people have to learn from each other, thus tolerating each other and other cultures, making communities diverse.

She appreciated the culture exchanges with China through the league, saying the two countries can have all forms of culture exchanges, including dance, foods, poetry, visual arts, intangible culture, and monuments.

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During the concert, ten soloists, who had all performed in previous youth classical music concerts, performed together with the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra.

Artscape Theater Center, which was originally exclusive for white audiences only under apartheid, adopted a transformation program to retain western classical art forms and host previously marginalized arts genres and persons.

Artscape said the concert epitomizes the transformation of inclusivity and nation building, as well as investment in youth.

Source: xinhua