Qatar continues not to give up its support for international terrorism

Flag of Qatar

The Friedman institute reported that Qatar transferred elements of ISIS from Syria to Afghanistan, and woke al-Qaeda in Afghanistan after its jihadist soldiers fell into a deep sleep that lasted more than a decade.

According to the report, it now seems clear that there is a plan to transform Afghanistan into a country at war due to transnational interests, as happened in Syria.

The Friedman institute’s report said, Qatar may have drawn Pakistan, Turkey and the West into this trap, as it did in Syria, and ultimately Iran will be the sole beneficiary of Qatar’s chaos in Afghanistan.

Perhaps many will ask the same question, why is Qatar doing all this in Afghanistan and what for?


Is it not true that Doha has been sponsoring reconciliation negotiations between the Taliban and the United States, on the one hand, and between the government of Kabul and the Taliban, on the other, for a decade, without success?

Therefore, Qatar wanted to reverse the situation by harming those who obstructed its attempts to create chaos in the region in favor of the fundamentalists. Perhaps Qatar is now taking revenge on the policies of the United States and Pakistan.

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The report mentioned that Qatar has not yet followed the example of its neighbors in designating the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization.

The report note, the reluctance does not honor Qatar to the public opinion, reinforcing the argument that Qatar is a sponsoring terrorism or highlighting the disconnection between it and its neighboring Arab countries.

The report concluded that all of this is clear even if Qatar wants to get rid of these accusations, and therefore will have to prove to the world that it is not a supporter of international terrorism.

Source: friedman