Poverty increasing in Lebanon, affecting 74 percent of total population

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The Xinhua reported, a new policy brief released on Friday by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia warns that poverty in Lebanon has drastically increased over the past year, now affecting about 74 percent of the total population.

The ESCWA said: “Taking into account dimensions other than income, such as access to health, education and public utilities, increases the rate to 82 percent of the population living in multidimensional poverty.”

According to the Xinhua, the organization’s Executive Secretary Rola Dashti reiterated her call for the establishment of a social solidarity fund to alleviate the country’s humanitarian crisis.

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Dashti said: “Mitigating the impact of the crisis requires solidarity and cooperation between all segments of the Lebanese society.”

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She called for the development of effective social protection schemes that are more responsive to the needs of the poor.

Source: xinhua