Najib Mikati says Iranian fuel shipments is a breach of Lebanon’s sovereignty

Najib Mikati

The Iran International reported, citing Reuters that according to comments published by Najib Mikati’s office, Lebanese Prime Minister has said Iranian fuel shipments imported by the Hezbollah movement constitute a breach of Lebanon’s sovereignty.

His office said in a posting on Twitter, Mikati told CNN in an interview: “The violation of Lebanon’s sovereignty makes me sad.”

He added: “But I’m not concerned that sanctions can be imposed” on Lebanon “because the operation was carried out without the involvement of the Lebanese government.”

Earlier, the governemt had said it received no request for permission to import the fuel.

Israeli media reported in the past two days that Lebanon’s southern neighbor and arch-enemy of both Iran and Hezbollah is not inclined to stop shipments to Syria.

The Tehran-backed group on Thursday began bringing tanker trucks carrying fuel from Iran, a move it says should ease a crippling energy crisis in Lebanon. A tanker ship carried the fuel to Syria and from there it crossed into Lebanon. Both Syria and Iran are under U.S. sanctions.

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Late on Friday, the Lebanese broadcaster LBCI said that a new group of tankers carrying Iranian fuel entered Lebanon through the Hermel area.

Hermel is at the northern end of the Bekaa Valley, an area populated mainly by Shi’ite Muslims from whom Hezbollah draws its support.

Source: Iran International