Kurdistan Region President meets with the Right Honorable Lord John McFall in London

Kurdistan Region President Nechirvan Barzani-Shutterstock

The Presidency of the Kurdistan region reported, Kurdistan Region President Nechirvan Barzani met with the Right Honorable Lord John McFall, the Speaker of the House of Lords, in London on Thursday.

According to the Kurdistan Region Presidency, the Kurdistan President was on an official visit to the United Kingdom.

It said, the President and the Honorable Lord Speaker exchanged views on the latest developments in Iraq and the wider region, the political process in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, the upcoming Iraqi elections, Iraq and the Kurdistan Region’s relations with the UK, the war on terror, COVID-19, the status of the refugees in the Kurdistan Region, the implications of climate change in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region and other topics of mutual interest.

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The Presidency of the Kurdistan region mentioned that Lord McFall praised the democratic process in the Kurdistan Region and commended the legislative quotas in the Kurdistan Region’s parliament to ensure the participation of women and representatives of all communities in the political process and governance.

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It added, Lord McFall reaffirmed support to the Kurdistan Region and for this purpose the Right Honorable Lord will offer advices and recommendations to the UK government. The Lord Speaker expressed appreciation for the Kurdistan Region’s role in confronting terrorism and defeating ISIS.

For his part, President Nechirvan Barzani conveyed the gratitude of the Kurdistan Region for the continued support of the UK House of Commons, House of Lords and government to Iraq and the Kurdistan Region.

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The Presidency of the Kurdistan region noted that the President thanked the UK Parliament for recognizing the ISIS crimes against the Yezidis and other communities in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region as genocide. The President urged the UK parliament to support Kurdistan Region in strengthening the democratic system and its institutions.

Source: Presidency of the Kurdistan region