West Coast wildfire smoke reaches New York City

West Coast wildfire smoke reaches New York City
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The Hill reported according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) smoke from the wildfires ravaging the West Coast is reaching as far east as New York City.

The wildfires, 80 of which were reported as of Monday in 13 different states, are causing harmful air quality conditions across the country.

Satellite footage shared by NOAA showed the smoke is visible from space, and is working its way across North America.

According to the Hill, among the fires is the massive Oregon Bootleg blaze, which had spread to more than 300,000 acres as of Tuesday and was 30 percent contained.

The blaze’s size is creating many hurdles for firefighters, including its potential for creating its own dangerous weather conditions, including fire clouds and fire tornados.

A few hundred fires have also been burning in western and central Canada, leading to state of emergencies.

Citing Reuters, The Hill reported that the jet stream is carrying smoke, ash, dust and other particulate matter across the country, causing harmful effects. In New York City, the air quality index (AQI) got up to 170, dubbed as “unhealthy” air by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Smoke from wildfires across the western US and southern Canada is resulting in air quality issues as far east as portions of the Upper Midwest and even the Northeast US.

The smoke will also mean hazy skies and spectacular sunsets for many.

The Hill said ,Journalist Keith Olbermann referred to the haze in New York City as being “as thick as winter fog” and smelling “acrid.”

“But the fires are 2500 miles away in California and Oregon.”

The journalist added, “it’s our problem now. Just like the man-made climate change disaster is our problem now.”

According to officials, people should use protective masks outside to help combat the air pollution’s harmful effects

Source: thehill
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