UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson struggles with his pet dog’s ‘romantic urges’

Johnson holds his dog Dilyn
FILE PHOTO. Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson holds his dog Dilyn. © Reuters / Dylan Martinez

According to the Russian news website the Russia Today, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has revealed he’s struggling with his pet dog’s “romantic urges” and said the high-profile canine has been known to “endlessly” hump people’s legs in Downing Street.

Johnson’s admission came on Tuesday while talking to police officers after watching canine training at the Surrey forces’ headquarters in Guildford.

Speaking to a handler of a German Shepherd named Zorro, the PM asked whether the officer has “to worry about his romantic urges?”

“Not so much, no,” the handler replied as Home Secretary Priti Patel, who was accompanying Johnson, chuckled.

The PM then revealed that his own dog, a Jack Russell-cross named Dilyn, has been subjecting people’s legs to “endless” sexual advances in Downing Street.

The RT said, the way too hump-happy dog was adopted by Johnson and his then-fiancee – and now wife – Carrie Symonds back in 2019.

The dog was rescued from breeders where it was set to be disposed of over a misaligned jaw.

The lust-for-legs issue plaguing Dilyn was met with glee by Brits online, who produced a flurry of jokes about dogs taking after their masters.

Johnson, who is now married for the third time, is well known for his romantic endeavours and alleged past extra-marital affairs.

Source: RT
Image source: Reuters-RT