UK government proposes new ‘approach’ to post-Brexit trade deal with EU

Uk government

The Republic World reported that in a move to change the post-Brexit trade rules that were agreed and signed after several months of gruelling negotiations, the British government on July 21 proposed a new “approach” and said that it “cannot go on” with the terms previously negotiated with the European Union (EU). approach

What is expected to further strain an already tense relationship between the UK and the EU, the British government said that Britain would be justified in unilaterally suspending the legally binding Brexit agreement but has decided against that as of now.

The UK has reportedly demanded a “standstill period” to freeze the Northern Ireland protocol and to end oversight by EU courts.

As per The Independent report, UK’s Brexit minister David Frost blamed the EU intransigence for the “burden” of Irish Sea trade checks and the “febrile political climate” in Northern Ireland – which had led to “disorder”.

Britain expressed its wish to “maintain grace periods” that would avoid any checks in the autumn and halt the “existing legal actions” by the 27-nation-bloc which has already accused London of failing to comply with the post-Brexit trade agreement. approach

As per the report, Frost’s remarks were met with gasps in the UK Parliament’s upper chamber, House of Lords with the Brexit minister also insisting that the Protocol “must no longer be policed by EU institutions and courts of justice” which is also a crucial aspect of the 2019 deal.

Frost told parliament, “These burdens will worsen, not improve, over time as grace periods expire” warning that leaving businesses and society would be left in a more challenging situation. He insisted, “Putting it simply, we cannot go on as we are.”


Source: republicworld
Image source: AP-republicworld