The Olympic Games opened in Tokyo. All the details

The Olympic Games
The Olympic Games

The Olympics in Tokyo were supposed to take place last year, but due to a pandemic it was decided to postpone it to next year. Olympic Games 

However, such a postponement did not save from problems – due to the growing number of coronavirus infected, the Games will take place in empty stands. This decision was agreed by the country’s authorities and the International Olympic Committee.

Only representatives of international and national Olympic committees, as well as officials, were able to attend the opening ceremony of the Olympics.

Dozens of coronavirus cases were found among delegations in Japan before the Games.

Due to these conditions, many Japanese have recently called for either the complete cancellation of the competitions, or for their postponement for another year. Opinion polls showed that more than 80% of Japanese oppose the Games.

The Olympics will last until August 8th. So far, athletes from more than 200 countries will compete for 339 sets of awards.

The long-awaited 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo evoke a mixture of feelings in the world press, among which sadness and bad forebodings are noticeable.

The Washington Post calls this year’s Olympics “devoid of sensory sensations”: without the humor of the crowd and with constant reminders not to touch anything.

Athletes will actually walk through an empty stadium, and the whole picture of the event will be sharpened purely for television broadcasting, the New York Times notes.

The American corporation NBC even decided not to add a background sound that mimics fans during the broadcast, as has often been done before.

According to The Guardian, the International Olympic Committee “organizes a party in the midst of a global pandemic, bringing 100,000 guests, 11,000 athletes and 79,000 officials, support staff and journalists from more than 200 countries to a city of emergency, in a country, where only 22% of the population completely vaccinated, to a country that is simply not ready for these Games. ” levant


by: Tetiana Bazanova