The 12-Storey Building In Miami Has Been Demolished Over Safety Concerns

The12Storey Building In Miami Has Been Demolished Over Safety Concerns
The damaged remaining structure at the Champlain Towers South condo building collapses in a controlled demolition-AP

According to the Skye News, the Miami condo which partially collapsed last month has been demolished. Miami 

The 12-storey building was demolished on Sunday evening, with footage showing it falling to the ground, throwing up plumes of smoke.

The building’s columns had been drilled into and small explosive charges were placed to bring the remains of the building down.

People living nearby were told to stay indoors and turn off air conditioning due to dust.

There had been concerns that the building, which partially collapsed on 24 June, could come down on its own, risking the safety of fire and rescue crews searching for victims. Miami 

There were also growing fears that Tropical Storm Elsa, which is currently off the coast of Cuba with winds of up to 60mph, could make the site dangerous.

Elsa is forecast to reach Florida on Tuesday or Wednesday. Mi ami 

Sky News reported North Miami Beach City Manager Arthur Sorey as saying “It’s definitely not an easy decision (to demolish the building).”

“It’s just the right thing to do during these times. It’s uncertain what’s going to happen with the storm.”

Buildings near Champlain Towers South are being inspected over the coming few weeks to make sure they are safe and one – the 49-year-old Crestview Towers – has already been evacuated due to concrete and electrical problems.

It has been reported earlier that Champlain Towers South, in the city of Surfside, collapsed 11 days ago while many of its residents were asleep.

Some 24 bodies have been recovered but more than 120 people are still missing. Miami 


Source: skynews
Image source: AP-skynews