What if Iran Co-existed? “Part 19”


What if Iran Co-existed? With Economic Inflation reaching the 50% limit, coinciding with the beginning of 2021, which resulted in point inflation (today’s inflation as measured by the same day of the month or last year) reaching 49.5%, with 2.7% monthly and 38.9% annual. Not to mention the growth of a new social phenomenon called “death indifference,” due to the increase in Corona Virus casualties and the infection of half of Iran’s nursing cadre, 140,000 nurses out of a total of 250,000 in the front lines. Rouhani added insult to injury with his statement blaming his inaction and failures on Iran’s enemies which he says “in the past three years, they have sought to create famine in the country through economic sanctions and regional conflicts affecting Iran.  

What if Iran Co-existed? The gaffe of Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif reveals the truth about Soleimani and the power balances.  The “Zarif leaks,” though yet to be officially denied, revealed Several nuances in the relationship between the Head of Iranian diplomacy and the Revolutionary Guard, in an audio recording obtained by an Iranian opposition channel. Zarif seemed very upset with what he described as the extensive intervention of the former Quds force commander, Qassem Soleimani, in Iran’s diplomatic affairs. Almost every time he went to negotiate, Slimani imposed his terms and directed that certain points be taken into account. Zarif acknowledged that he had sacrificed diplomacy in favor of the “battlefield.” In the audio recording, Zarif said: “After the finalization of the nuclear deal, in 2015, events against the deal began with Soleimani traveling to Moscow without coordination with Foreign Affairs, ending with the detention of an American ship, and the attack on the Saudi Embassy in Tehran.”

What if Iran Co-existed? The attack on the Natanaz nuclear facility on 11 April 2021, for which Israel was accused, raised concerns that the Vienna negotiations between Tehran and Washington might be hampered. The Joint Commission succeeded in forming two groups of experts, one listing the number of sanctions that the United States would accept to lift, and the other listing the terms of the nuclear agreement to which Iran is bound.

What if Iran Co-existed? There is a forthcoming balance of power; The rise of China is a reality and a fact that, is translated in this Chinese drive and vision adopted by the Communist Party to turn China into a medium-level advanced country by 2035, and into a global superpower in 2050. Thus, forcing Washington to review its policies towards Beijing, restore strategic balance in the West Asian region by directing resources and troops towards the Far East, maintain economic advantages and technological superiority, and then mobilize alliances to uphold US-sponsored values and standards.

khalid Aljasir

BY: khalid_Aljasir