Levantnews reveals: Khaled Mashal suggested accepting Israeli conditions to stop the war

Khaled Mashal

Levantnews obtained on Wednesday a document sent from Khaled Mashal, a leader in Hamas, to Yahya Sinwar, the current Palestinian leader of Hamas in the Gaza Strip. He suggested accepting Israeli conditions to stop the war Israel waged on Gaza and against Hamas.

Khaled Mashal said in the letter obtained exclusively by Levantnews from private sources:
“Dear brother Yahya Sinwar Abu Ibrahim! God bless you! Here’s the proposal of the enemy’s conditions for de-escalation; a list of five conditions for de-escalation which was sent to Egypt is attached to it.”

The Israeli conditions that Mashal said in the letter are the following:
– Disarming Hamas including taking away all its rockets and drones
– Oslo Accords determines the responsibility of the crossings.
– Hamas announces its withdrawal from the elections so that they will be immediately rescheduled
– Cutting ties with Hezbollah and Iran completely
– The organisation clearly and publically announces its surrender to the enemy (God forbid!)

 Khaled Mashal


Mashal said in the letter: “Because our dear brothers the leaders in the organisation has been martyred, the enemy caused many damages to the tunnels and the missile arsenal, and the Palestinian civilians are putting us under pressures, I see some conditions must be accepted, not all of them, especially the second and the third ones. Please consult the brothers and reply as soon as possible!”
Mashal’s proposal tells about the poor conditions of Hamas due to the escalation of the Israeli military attacks. It might make a surprising announcement in the next few hours.

The Israeli military aircrafts attacked on May 16 Ismail Haniyeh’s office, the chief of Hamas’s political bureau and Yahya Sinwar’s office. As well, the aircrafts fired 15 missiles at Sinwar’s house and his brother Muhammad’s house in Khan Yunis, the thing that destroyed the two houses and caused many damages to many houses around.
On Tuesday night, Intelligence Minister Eli Cohen said that Ismail Haniyeh and Yahya Sinwar has become on Israel’s target list.