Lebanon’s police arrest parents of abandoned baby

A view shows empty road in Beirut Reuters
A view shows empty road in Beirut. (Reuters)

Lebanon’s police have arrested the parents of a child who died after abandoning their baby in the suburbs of Beirut over their “illegitimate relationship.”

The body of the baby was found dumped between the trees on a secondary road in the locality of Khaldeh, according to a statement from the General Directorate of Internal Security Forces Public Relations Division.

The body was transported to one of the government hospitals in the region.

“Through investigations, it was found that the child was born in a hospital in the southern suburbs of Beirut. It was also found that the parents took the lead in throwing the child as he was a result of an illegitimate relationship,” the statement added.

The statement added that the parents were a 23-year-old Syrian national mother and a 28-year-old Syrian national father.

source: Rawad Taha

Image source: Reuters