Trump’s gift to Erdogan: Surrender deal and the big win for terrorism

Zara Saleh

Zara Saleh*

The United Nations chemical weapons inspectors declared that they are investigating gathering information about white phosphorus which was used by the Turkish army against children in North Syria. This had happened last week since the Turkish president began his “ Spring Peace” operation to invade the kurdish territories.
Yesterday, after American- Turkey’s cease-fire deal agreement to establish Turkey’s demand “ Safe Zone” in depth of 20 miles in North Syria [ between Sari- Cani and Tal-Abiad ], the American president Donald Trump was proud of his achievement reaching this deal and in public meeting he said: “ Some times you have to let them fight like two kids in lock. You gotta let them fight then you pull them apart.” . Then Trump added “ without tough love this could NEVER have been made. Turkey is gonna happy, Kurds is gonna happy .. ISIS is gonna be unhappy”.

Following Trump’s speech, of course Turkey would definitely be more than happy, because Erdogan has always been planning to invade the Eastern Euphrates aiming to create a “ Safe Zone” and to attack the Kurds and their homeland in Rojava- Syrian Kurdistan. Eventually, by Erdogan’s strategic plan, he wants to occupy all North Syrian territories, but his main goal is that he wants to destroy the kurdish self-administration led by the Kurds and to prevent the establishment of a “ kurdish state” on its Southern border. On the other hand, ISIS is going to be happy ,not as Trump said that they were supposedly going to be unhappy. Due to the Turkey’s invasion and air strikes, thousands of IS fighters and families have been released from prison and camp which is controlled and protected by kurdish forces after defeating ISIS in March 2019. Also there is a big risk these ISIS fighters might escape from the SDF prisons. So, there will be a new chance for IS’s resurgence. In addition to this risk, there is another issue which is not very known and obvious regarding the so-called “ Syrian National Army “. In fact, these militias were Syrian opposition mercenaries fighters whose leading by Turkey. In 2012- 2013 these groups were members of ISIS and Al- Nusra Front and they were smashed by the Kurdish forces, then they run away to Turkey. There are approximately about 14000 jihadist who want to control Turkey’s safe zone.

Obviously, it seems as this “ tough love “ Trump’s bloody game as a one of its hobbies. However, for Kurds this is an issue of national existence and plan of demographic change by displacing them from their homeland and resettlement of 2 million refugees in kurdish areas. Consequently, casualties and war crimes has been reported and about half million people have fled their home, whereas Trump is talking about “ kids fight “ and “ tough love” !!

For several years the Kurds were victims of Assad regime and now, they are targeted by Erdogan as well. But in the last few years of the war against terrorism, the Kurds were the most effective and reliable forces on the ground and as a Western ally. They shouldn’t be abandoned where they are facing genocide and ethnic cleansing by Turkey and its Syrian opposition extremists militia and by the Syrian regime as well. So, it will be a grave mistake and Americas betrayal to its allies .

• Political analyst