To ease US pressure. Iran resorts to “evil agents”

To ease US pressure Iran resorts to evil agents
To ease US pressure. Iran resorts to "evil agents"

At a time while the world is waiting for the consequences of the tension between Iran and the United States, observers are expected Iran to resort to its usual method of excluding the danger from its territory.

The next stage is uncertain, at a time when the tension and threat between the two countries escalate, but current data confirm that Iran does not intend to fight with the USA and even is not able to.

In the midst of this, observers perceive that Tehran will start to move its arms, described as evil agents in the regions such as Yemen, Syria, and Iraq, in order to form fronts away from its territory and ease the pressure.

The level of tension between Iran and the United States escalated after a US drone was shot down by Iranian forces claiming that it encroached over its territorial waters, while the US said the aircraft was over international territory.

After that, the US administration became close to the response, as President Donald Trump ordered a military strike against Iranian targets, but stopped it at the last minute.

Who are evil agents?
The Houthi militia is considered the agent of Iran in Yemen, and it is not surprising that its fighters escalate their attacks at this particular stage.
Militias have stepped up attacks on Saudi civilian facilities and oil sites to ease pressure on the leader in Tehran.

It is not accidentally that Iran’s militias in Iraq, specifically now, have escalated their targeting against US interests.

The missiles targeted US military bases troops, in the west and north of the country, in Abu Ghraib, Al Taji and the perimeter of the US embassy in Baghdad, Iran’s fingerprints were clear in those attacks.

Media reports stated that the meeting of the commander of the Quds Force of the Revolutionary Guards Corps, Qasem Soleimani, with the leaders of the Popular Army militias that follow the orders of Iran, was not just a call to declare the weapon, but it was an explicit call to prepare for a proxy war.

In the same context, Lebanese Hezbollah militia leader Hassan Nasrallah said that his fighters are ready and their hands are on the trigger.

Hezbollah militias claim that its mastermind, Iran, has extraordinary capabilities, scaring the antagonist to the extent that they won’t dare to wage war.