A German journalist reveals “the secret World Cup prison” in Qatar

A German journalist reveals the secret World Cup prison in Qatar
A German journalist reveals "the secret World Cup prison" in Qatar

Qatar promised many times to improve the conditions of foreign workers who are building the stadiums of the World Cup, but a German TV investigation revealed the falsity of these promises, showing the terrible conditions experienced by workers, which are similar to being in a prison.

Benjamin Best, a journalist in WDR TV in west Germany, states that he entered Qatar last May and used a hidden camera while preparing the investigation to explore the difficult conditions for tens of thousands of Nepalese workers who are building stadiums for the 2022 World Cup which will be hosted by Qatar.

Nepalese workers are working on the construction of Al Thumama Stadium which is far 12 kilometres  from Doha the capital, they are part of a million Asian workers who are building nine new stadiums and reconstruct other three, in preparation for the championship, but these foreign workers face terrible conditions, according to human rights reports and media which refer to deaths between them.

In the German TV investigation report, the Nepalese workers say that they haven’t got their salaries for months, and they are not having good food nor living in suitable homes.

Slavery Circumstances

I wanted to make sure about Qatar’s promises regarding the improving of the workers conditions, especially after media reports which revealed that foreign workers in Qatar are working in horrible conditions similar to slavery, the journalist Benjamin Best, stated.

What I found out was that the workers are suffering from terrible conditions similar to slavery,” Benjamin said,” there are no salaries, passports are confiscated and barely they are having food.

The workers said in their statements that their passports were confiscated by their Qatari patrons, so they became unable to leave Qatar, which means that they have become captives.

A worker explained as an example, that 200 workers are sharing the same toilet and eight of them live in a very dark and narrow room.

“I am one of 125 workers from my country who are working in Qatar, we are trapped here like prisoners,” said Del Prasada, a Nepali worker. “We just eat bread and drink water, they don’t give us our salaries, our life conditions become worse each month, he added.

Prasada pointed out that he is no longer able to work more in Qatar, saying that his only wish is to return to Nepal and escape from this nightmare.

The Death is Better

The worker, Adi Gurung, said that he is like other Nepalese workers who have not received their salaries for the past eight months, he stated that when they asked for their salaries, the patrons refused to pay and said that they can leave and start working in another company.

According to Gurung, with the confiscation of official documents such as passports, the workers addressed the Qatari Labour Court, but nothing happened, which proves the cruelty dealing of the Doha authority toward them.

The Nepali worker was unable to send money to his wife and two children, who are facing difficulties because of the lack of money that would help them survive in this harsh life.

I am wondering if the death is better than this hard situation, we must be saved, he added.